How do I apply the discount code?

Variant 1

When viewing your shopping cart you will see a large field where you can enter your coupon code. Then click on the blue button "Apply discount". If the entry does not work there, please try variant 2. 

Variant 2

In the checkout area you will see your order overview on the far right. Below the mandatory fields (e.g. privacy policy and terms and conditions) and the comment field, you will see a field "Apply coupon code". Click on this and also here a field will appear where the voucher code can be entered as well as a blue button with "Apply discount". Once the store recognizes the coupon code, the amount will be automatically deducted from your shopping cart. 

If both variants do not work, we would like to ask you to enter the voucher code in the comment field. The voucher will be checked internally afterwards. In this case we would like to ask you to choose the payment method "prepayment". You will receive an order confirmation already adjusted by us, in which your voucher code has been taken into account. 

Please note that there are certain minimum order values for most vouchers. The minimum order value does not include shipping costs. If the code does not work, please check if the net order value has reached the minimum order value.