How do I find the right car key?

To find the right key you need certain information. A picture of the key you want to order is helpful. 

Following are the specifications: 

  • How many push buttons? 
  • Which frequency? 
  • Which car brand? 
  • Which transponder? 
  • Folding key yes/no?
If necessary, year of manufacture and blank.
With this information it is easy to find the right key. You will get the information when reading out the old key, or your programming device will show it to you.

Now go to the category Blanks -> Vehicle Key 

On the left side you will find various filters in which you can specify all the important information: 

Fill the filters with the information you have and you will be shown a selection of keys. Have a closer look at them. In some cases, the car brands and respective years of manufacture for the key are written in the product description. 

If you do not find the key via this search, we unfortunately do not have the key in our assortment. In this case, please contact us - depending on the quantity, we can obtain the key for you from our manufacturer.